Best Herbal Hair Oil 200ml

Best hair oil

Yovan herbal oil is best hair oil for the control of scalp problems like hair loss, dandruff fall etc. The extremely good result of applying: New hair growth oil – Yovan herbal essential oil is a (best herbal hair regrowth oil) result of the actions of its constituents and the special developing technique of the base oil. Throughout the production of best hair oil for hair growth in India, blending process helps to extract the complete medicinal quality of the herbs and so makes it an efficient ingredient of top herbal hair oil. Active components along with the bottom oil create an outstanding combination that is extremely beneficial to regrow hair or longer hair.

The health of the scalp is also very important to overall hair health. Daily scalp massage will unclog pores and increase circulation to the scalp & helps in growing new hair & provide thickness to hair. Yovan herbal hair oil is helpful to reduce  excessive dandruff , scalp problems, hair thinning problem. It adds nourishment to hair, essential oil for thicker, more powerful healthier hair.

How to use best hair oil : 

Massage our top Hair Oil into scalp and hair before shampooing and leave it for minutes. For deeper conditioning, cover head with a towel or shower cap after massaging herbal oil into hair and keep on for 20-30 minutes. Best results if herbal hair oil treatment is applied 1-2 times a week.